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TerrafirmaCraft Tutorial

Chert Rock Terrafirmacraft tutorial

Here you will find video tutorials as well as text tutorials on how to get started in TerrafirmaCraft.

TerrafirmaCraft is a mod for the hugely popular game minecraft. It was developed by Bioxx in 2012, and has been growing ever since. It takes basic (unmodded minecraft is refered to as vanilla) minecraft and adds a sense of difficulty as well as realism to the game that vanilla lacks, making the game still enjoyable but with more of a challenge. Before we get started with the tutorial aspect, I suggest you check out the 'About' page first to understand some key differences between the two.

Some Important Links:

By far this is the most important link you'll want to know. The wiki contains everything you want to know about the mod, and then some.

Technically all of these links are on Terrafirmacraft.com but Ive added them individually for ease of convenience for you.

Some things to keep in mind.(Click me)

Before we start off jumping into "how to's guide" for the game, there are some key differences that you need to understand between TerrafirmaCraft and the normal Minecraft you're used to.

  • Tool creation is slightly more complex. You will hear about "Knapping" which is using two stones together to make a tool shape. (Axe, shovel, knife, javelin and hammer heads)
  • TerrafirmaCraft has seasons. In order to grow your crops you need to be in a location with optimal temperature . As in real life you can't plant crops outdoor in winter and expect them to grow.
  • You have a thirst meter and it acts in much the same way as hunger in vanilla Minecraft . If your hunger or thirst meter deplete too much it will disable your ability to run.
  • To maintain your overall health you need a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, grain, protein and dairy. Without these being in the green you will take damage easier.
  • Food has a lifespan of its own and will decay . Light level and temperature play a factor in how quick this happens. Certain foods decay faster than others.
  • You will be unable to create a sword or pickaxe until you obtain base metals. In order to get a full sized crafting table you need a saw, which also requires base metals.